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TOILET cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Toilet cleaning, Bathroom cleaning, Drainage cleaning


Septic tank unclog, Septic tank cleaners, Toilet Unclog, Toilet Blockage clearing ,Pipes blockage removing, Drainage blockage clearing, Bathroom blockage clearing, Blockage Removing

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Toilet Cleaning Acids, Tiles Cleaning Acids, Tiles Stain Removers, Bathroom cleaner acides, Pipes blockage remover acides.

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We are doing cleaning,clearing and unclog works for Home, Theaters, Mills, Marriage Halls, Marriage mandabam and all other buildings.

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We, Mahalakshmi Chemicals, are one of the best acid/stain removers provider around Dharmapuri district. We are having more than 5 years of experience in Toilet cleaning acid, Tiles cleaning acid, Stain removers field. We have more quality products like Tiles cleaning acid, Bathroom cleaning acid, Tiles stain removing acids ,etc than the branded companies products. We also provide quality and quick service on Drainage unclog, drainage blockage removing, bathroom blockage removing, Pipes blockage removing

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  • Address : 54/21-B, Narasimma Aachary Street
  •                    Near Senthil Matriculation School, Dharmapuri-636701
  •                    Dharmapuri-636701
  • Phone: 9442059277,8012452557,7373180057
  • Email: mahalakshmimcdpi@gmail.com